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C H E E S E  C E L E B R A T I O N 

The perfect centrepiece for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. 

Get in touch to discuss & design your bespoke cake, or browse and choose from our set options listed below.

Pre-order Only. See 'Where to start' just below for more information on ordering and delivery.

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Cheese Celebration Cakes: About

W H E R E   T O   S T A R T

Deciding on Quantities & other FAQs

When planning and choosing cheese for your wedding we recommend starting with a budget in mind and number of guests. As a rough starting point for quantities, we work on a basis of 100g of cheese per person, this may be reduced if you are offering a very small nibble for guests alongside a buffet or following a meal, and could be increased if the cheese is served as part of the main meal. 

In terms of cost, we suggest allowing approximately £2.80 per head, based on 100g of cheese per person. Crackers, chutney and other accompaniments can be purchased alongside the cheese, more information on these options is available upon request.

Our set cheese celebration cakes include decoration, we can assemble your cheese ready for free collection from the shop, or we can deliver to your venue and set up on the day (Sheffield & outskirts only). Delivery cost will be dependent on location.

We do not currently send out cheese cakes and large occasion orders via courier as we are unlikely to be able to rectify any damage or missing orders before the day of your wedding or event.

We require a minimum of four weeks notice for these cakes, if you have less than four weeks notice, please do get in touch and we will do our best to arrange something within your time frame. 

If you have any other queries or would like to place an order please give us a call on 0114 266 5339, or send us a message via the contact button below.

Cheese Celebration Cakes: About

S E T  C H E E S E  C A K E S

Tried & tested combinations of cheese, beautifully presented and guaranteed to be the talking point of your special occasion.

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£ 2 5 5
(Picture to the left is just a guide of a similar style of cake)

- MORANGIE BRIE 100g : Small brie style from Tain in Scotland

- WOOKEY HOLE CHEDDAR 600g : creamy Somerset cheddar

- HAWES WENSLEYDALE 2kg : Mellow taste & firm texture

- GUBBEEN 1.2kg : Washed rind semi soft cheese from Cork, Ireland

- MONTAGNOLO 2.3kg : Mild creamy blue from Germany

- CORNISH YARG 3.6kg : Light and lemony with a crumbly texture

T O T A L   W E I G H T : 9.8kg Approx

Serves around 80 - 110 people

A selection of some of our best selling cheeses, a great all rounder with nothing too pungent but wonderfully interesting & delicious cheeses made by great producers.

H O L D   T H E   B L U E

£ 1 9 0

- DORSTONE 200g : Mild, soft goats cheese from Herefordshire

- BARNCLIFFE BRIE 250g : Creamy brie from Huddersfield

- CURWORTHY 450g : Hard Cheddar style from Devon

- BLACK BOMBER 2kg : Creamy mature Cheddar from Snowdonia

- CORNISH YARG 3.6kg : Light and lemony with a crumbly texture

T O T A L   W E I G H T : 6.5kg Approx

Serves around 50 - 70 people

A medium sized selection for those wanting to avoid blue cheese. If you like the look of this cake but are wanting blue included, we can add a Stilton ring above the Yarg, or a softer/creamier blue above the Black Bomber - just ask us for a quote!

wedding cak e 2.jpg
Cheese Celebration Cakes: Products
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